SCY364 : Klirou Limni

slag and pottery deposit

Grid reference: 516200/3875700
Cadastral plan: XXXVIII/7

Large quantities of ancient slag and pottery were discovered in 1999 during construction on a site just east of the church in the centre of Klirou. There were no furnaces in situ, but there were substantial amounts of slag, the equivalent of a small slag heap, covered by a dense layer of Hellenistic and Roman pottery. The slag and pottery were visible in layers in the sections of the 20 or so square foundations pits about 40 meters deep, which were filled with cement up to a metre from the surface. The slag is only in one part of the area.

During the construction of the building in the next plot the discovery of a square oven was reported, built of solid square red tiles and covered with slag. In the same area they found two cippi one of which is very small and inscribed.