SCY363 : Mitsero Yeropalloura

modern mine office buildings

Grid reference: 510275/3877835
Cadastral plan: XXIX/52, plot 73
SIA: SIA 1 (Mitsero Kokkinoyia)
Reference: Diacopoulos and Seretis, in Given and Knapp 2002

Located nearly 1 km to the west and half way up towards Kokkinoyia mine (SIA 11) are the remains of the Kokkinopezoula office complex with five buildings and various pieces of equipment. Still visible are notices and signs to inform workers about safety issues. Within some of the buildings several other documents still survive: there are numerous maps of geophysical surveys of all HMC properties, as well as documents relating to the employees and to company purchases. The office complex was also home to a number of Greek Cypriot refugee families from the north after the 1974 Turkish invasion. Evidence of this is clearly visible in some of the rooms, where amongst other discarded items a baby’s cot lies disintegrating. Just below this complex is the building used by the HMC as a hospital; it is constructed of bricks and plaster, with wooden shutters and a brick and plaster garage. The veranda is constructed on stone with concrete steps leading to it. The building now houses geological and soil samples.