SCY358 : Mitsero village 2


Grid reference: 511355/3878370
Cadastral plan: XXIX/53, plot 494
SIA: SIA 5 (Mitsero village)
References: Diacopoulos and Seretis, in Given and Knapp 2003

Mitsero cemetery is located just northwest of the village. It comprises two clearly distinct sections: an older one containing graves from 1941-1987, and a newer one with graves dating from 1987 onwards. The old section is located in the northern part of the complex, and is surrounded by a stone wall that also separates it from the new section to the south. An ossuary with a tiled roof, wooden double doors and a window facing east into the cemetery is located in the northeastern corner near the entrance. The graves face east and are arranged in irregular rows, and grave enclosures vary from marble to concrete and metal. The larger and newer cemetery to the south is surrounded by concrete, white-painted walls, higher than the stone walls of the old section, with a large metal gate, wide enough for vehicle access in the eastern wall.