SCY355 : Politiko Kokkinorotsos 16

mining hollow

Grid reference: 519020/3874945
Cadastral plan: XXXVIII/8
SIA: SIA 7 (Politiko Kokkinorotsos)

This 'hollow' is hacked into the gossan, with a pile of crushed gossan in front. It is c. 150-200 m west of SCY119, and was discovered by spotting pile of crushed gossan in front of it (as with most such cases). At the entrance it is 273 cm wide, 106 cm high, and 314 cm deep. It looks like and irregular cave, though not too deep. There is a small cliff above the entrance, with trees on top. The spoil heap in front is 768 cm long and 514 cm wide, lying c. 2.5 m north-northwest of the entrance; it is fairly eroded. There were no remains of ore layers or veins visible, nor cultural remains.