SCY347 : Politiko Kokkinorotsos 8

mining gallery

Grid reference: 518975/3874765
Cadastral plan: XXXVIII/8
SIA: SIA 7 (Politiko Kokkinorotsos)

The mining gallery penetrates into the gossan at slight angle with straight tunnel after it. Partially collapsed entrance, some washed-insoil but rest pure gossan. No orebearing layers visible. Abandoned after 457 cm. Entranceway or 'dromos' 322 cm in front of it. Possibly 20th century AD test pit. Dumps of finely crushed ore 2-5 m in front of it and small retaining wall c. 3 m above it, made of big gossan chunks (30-50 cm high and 5 m long). No cultural material. Section: 126 cm wide, 175 cm high at entance. At end: 132 cm high, ?83 cm wide.