SCY343 : Kalokhorio Kokkinorotsos

mining galleries

Grid reference: 514200/3874400
Cadastral plan: XXXVIII/6, plot 677

A large exposed gossan face contains several galleries. Three of them are c. 1 m high and c. 1.5 m wide, very roughly cut with a roughly arched roof.. There are three other probable galleries, and several other possibles. The patch of gossan is no more than 200m across. The river comes through pillow lavas, past three huge 'pillars' of lava, then into the soft and friable gossan which it has scoured away, hence exposing a very high face. The galleries are cut into this. Huge quantities of gossan must have eroded since antiquity, including any roasting that might have gone on.

There is no slag whatsoever, after spending about half an hour looking around the area (not all of which was totally vertical). Even though heavily erroded there would be some slag in the area, if there had once been smelting. The only pottery consisted of a few scraps of Medieval to Modern, clearly the results of patchy agriculture.