SCY341 : Episkopio Peratis

vineyard shelter

Grid reference: 519520/3876860
Cadastral plan: XXX/57, plot 20/2 (approx)
Reference: Given 2000: 224, Fig. 7.

The shelter lies in a small valley between Peratis and a large fanglomerate ridge, with soil built up in the valley bottom by a series of check dams. In the valley bottom is stubble and a few olives of c. 100 years old, with abandoned vines on the chalky stony soil of the hillslopes.

The shelter is a small rectangular structure, roughly built from blocks of local chalky limestone. Its exterior dimensions are 3.2 x 2.8 m, though the west side is shorter and the north end is open. In 1998 the roof consisted of canes (from the stream 50 m away) covered by a plastic sheet, with stones holding them down.