SCY340 : Politiko Mersinoudhia 2

isolated rural structure with enclosure

Grid reference: 520480/3874270
Cadastral plan: XXXIX/1, plot 288
Survey unit: 1688

The rectangular building mreasures 3.8 x 5.9 m, with walls varying from 46 to 52 cm thick and up to 82 cm high. There are doors on the northeast and southeast. The stone socle is quite carefully built, with fragments of rimmed tile and pithos used as packers, and the remains of the mud brick superstructure is still visible. On the east side parts of two walls of an enclosure survive, one of which incorporates a pillow lava dyke into it. The enclosure was about 19 x 12 m, and the whole structure was probably a mandra (goat-fold); cf. Mitsero Klouvaes (SCY325).