SCY337 : Mitsero Petromoutti 3

Lime kiln

Grid reference: 512040/3878730
Cadastral plan: XXIX/53, plot 838 (approx)

The kiln lies in a linear depression contouring along the side of Kriadhis just below the ridge with SCY207. There are lots of large chunks and boulders of limestone everywhere. Many outcrops are breaking off into similar chunks, mostly between 50 and 100 cm; excellent raw material! There is also a lot of small rubble as well as large, much of it c. 5 cm.

The internal diameter is c. 3.5 m, and the walls are probably between 50 and 75 cm. The best surviving section of the wall on the west is c. 75 cm high. It is open to the west and north winds, and sheltered from the east and southeast.