SCY330 : Mitsero Kambos tou Kriadhi 3

lime kiln

Grid reference: 512260/3878830
Cadastral plan: XXIX/54, plot 7/1

This lime kiln is positioned in a gully coming down a steep hillside (slope 20-22 degrees), with a stream passing 3 m from its north edge. There are lots of limestone outcrops, especially above, and some loose chunks and boulders (though not as many as SCY337). It is quite an easy walk down to the Kambos tou Kriadhi saddle (3-5 minutes), and from there to Mitsero.

The interior face on the southeast has lime adhering to it: pure, smooth, very white when broken off, and soft and chalky to the fingernail. The entrance is on the west, facing along the countour, rather than down the slope to the northwest. The northwest exterior was apparently built in two stages, like a water mill (both sections are very rubbly and have an irregular face). There is a sketch map in the SCSP archive, and a description in Team West notebook 1997, p. 21.