SCY327 : Ayii Iliofoti Petrokholetra

Lime kiln

Grid reference: 509750/3879400
Cadastral plan: XXIX/44

This unusually well-preserved lime kiln lies 300 m east of the abandoned Turkish Cypriot village of Ayii Iliofoti, 100 m below the ridge line. In the surrounding area limestone boulders have clearly broken away from the bedrock, and are rolling down the steep slope, and so raw material would have been very easy to gather. The plan of the kiln is in the form of an irregular circle, with an internal diameter varying between 3 and 4 metres, with a large opening at the west. It is built up in several tiers, and the walls are up to 2 m thick. Its total interior depth is 5 m, of which 2 m are cut out of the limestone bedrock, and a further 3 m are built up.