SCY325 : Mitsero Klouvaes

goat fold

Grid reference: 510490/3876680
Cadastral plan: XXIX:61, Plot 42
Survey unit: 557
Reference: Given 2000: 222-223

This goat fold is marked on the cadastral plan as an enclosure with two structures. It lies just outside the forest boundary, halfway down a spur, with reasonable shelter from the southwest, and a good view to the north, east and south. The enclosure is semi-circular, with two small rooms occupying most of straight (northern) wall. The enclosure wall, which has mostly collapsed, was built of earth, twigs, and thorns. The walls of the two rooms consist of very scrappy chunks of irregular pillow lava and gossan, and are very unstable. The roofing, where it survives, consists of north-south beams with canes across them, and covered with corrugated iron, corrugated asbestos, flattened oil cans. There are a few fragments of roof tiles of semi-circular cross-section. The most recent surviving roof is only 1.5 m off the ground. Nearby survey units contained three Medieval sherds and one Ottoman.