SCY324 : Mitsero Moutti tou Trimithou

stone structures

Grid reference: 509500/3878500
Cadastral plan: XXIX/52, plot 374 (approx)
Survey units: 2520, 2531, 2532

A group of small, enigmatic, and undated structures lies just below the saddle on the ridge of Lambadhou. Of the eight sherds collected from the relevant survey units, none were datable. There are several large major terraces immediately to the west.


Rectangular structure, 5.5 x 3.0 m. Built of uncut limestone blocks. Faces SW aross valley. Depth of pit c.1.5 m. NE end cut into limestone bedrock.


15 m down slope to SW: rubble pile of similar volume, slightly terraced, but no shape or depression visible.


c. 30 m to S of Structure 1: oval built structure, two courses high, built against high outcrop. 1.5 x 3.0m.


Stone circle on terrace, very like Structure 3.