SCY310 : Mitsero Village

Grid reference: 511400/3878000
Cadastral plan: XXiX/53
References: Diacopoulos and Seretis, in Given and Knapp 2003

Agriculture and mining seem to have always been important within the area examined by the Sydney Cyprus Survey Project, in particular to the people of the Mitsero basin. Local tradition tells us that the village of Mitsero is about 300 years old, with three possible predecessors - Mavrovounos (SCY023), Lambadhiotissa (SCY114) and another unlocated settlement, Koroni on Lambadhou.

The current village of Mitsero is located 25 km south west of Nicosia. It is surrounded to the north by the hill Kriadhis and to the northwest by Lambadhou. The mines of Kokkinoyia and Kokkinopezoula are located, respectively, to the northwest and southwest. The mine of Agrokipia is to the east (immediately north of Ayia Varvara and west of Agrokipia). Agricultural fields are visible to the south, east and west of the village. Government census data from the British Colonial period and afterwards shows a steady and increasing population. The population of Mitsero increased from 145 in 1881, to 265 in 1911, 498 in 1946, and 705 in 1973. This increase was tied to development and industrial processes taking place on the island, particularly the development of the mining industry.

SCSP's work in Mitsero included investigations of 20th century mining and premechanised agriculture (e.g. its threshing floors: SCY202), a series of oral history interviews, and architectural recording of a house with a richly decorated stone arch.