SCY307 : Kalokhorio Potamous

Water mill

Grid reference: 515900/3877150
Cadastral plan: XXIX: 63

Water mill on the Akaki River. It lies in the intersection between the main valley and a gully to the north. The axis of the mill is perpendicular to the channel running along the river, so the water has to turn 90 degrees; where the water hits the curving channel wall the mortar is worn off and its river cobbles polished. The shaft is strongly tapered, and the opening at the bottom leading to the water jet is visible. The shaft’s diameter at the top is 2.54 cm, its diameter at the bottom is c. 1.0-1.5 m, and its depth is 5.50 m. The wheel house does not survive, but there are traces of two or three small rooms just to the north. A substantial retaining wall holds up the river bank immediately below the mill. Sketch plans and elevations in the SCSP archive.