SCY303 : Malounda Tria Yefiria 1


Grid reference: 516200/3877450
Cadastral plan:

The three arches of this bridge presumably give the locality its name ('Three bridges'). It crosses the Akaki river 700 m NW of Malounda. The date of its predecessor is disputed, but it may well have been Medieval. What survives now is clearly a late nineteenth or early twentieth century rebuilding in the usual colonial 'brownstone' style. The width (measured underneath) is 3.01 m. The central arch of the north side has a plaque with the word 'REBUILT' over the keystone, painted red inside the incised lettering. Whatever might have been written above that (e.g. the date) has been obscured by later concrete. The east and west arches of the north side have similar but uninscribed plaques.

In the spandrel between the east and central arches on the north side, 80cm below the parapet, is a circular plaque c. 25 cm in diameter, clearly taken from the bridge's predecessor. It shows a cross on a stepped base with rosettes above the two arms. A circle of small bosses frames most of the composition, apart from where the stepped base meets the edge. At a later stage the bridge was widened by a further 1.24m on the south by reinforced concrete, which was also poured on top. This extension obscured any plaques above the keystones on the south side.