SCY222 : Agrokipia Kriadis 6

Slag Scatters (East Side)

Grid reference: 513330/3878000
Cadastral plan:
SIA: SIA 1 (Agrokipia Kriadhis)

Sub-Units 1 to 4 of SCY222 were made up of out-of-context slag scatters often mixed with modern waste or mining debris; these units were located on the artificial plateaus of the modern spoil-heaps on the northeastern and eastern side of the mine. Compared to SCY203, these are much smaller and more likely to be secondary dumps. Sub-Unit SCY222-1 (513330/3877950) was a modern dump of concrete mixed with pieces of crushed tap-slag on both sides of a modern dirt track. Sub-Unit SCY222-2 (513330/3877980), situated about 20-30 m to the northeast, was yet another very superficial scatter of weathered, crushed tap-slag about 7 m across. It was intermixed with modern waste material and surrounded by small spoil-heaps on top of the artificial plateau formed by the modern spoil-heaps. The third slag scatter, Sub-Unit SCY222-3 (513340/3878010) was about 1.5 m long, 0.6 m wide and 1.0 m thick, and consisted of a layer of heavily weathered slag, mixed with furnace conglomerate. The scatter was located on the edge of the uppermost plateau of the modern spoil-heaps, about 30 m to the northeast of the second sub-unit. Sub-Unit SCY222-4 (513280/3878080), at the northeastern edge of the modern spoil-heaps and about 50 m northeast of SCY220-1, was a roughly circular and superficial scatter of crushed tap-slag, measuring about 1.5 m across. No pottery was associated with any of these finds.