SCY221 : Agrokipia Kriadis 5

Mining Timbers

Grid reference: 513280/3877980
Cadastral plan:
SIA: SIA 1 (Agrokipia Kriadhis)

Three rows of mining timbers, the remains of galleries, were cut by bulldozers at a point about 70 m east of the lake at the bottom of the mining pit, on one of the lower platforms of the mine. Sub-Unit 1 contained a small layer of compacted slag, clay matrix, silica and pyrite, along with some pottery, in front of a row of three small props in a line 60 cm long. Sub-Units 2-3 consisted of two rows of timber supports in heavily eroded gullies, and on the ridges in between those gullies. No pottery was found there. Some pieces seem to be broken planks, which would have been used between the supports as lagging to prevent rubble from falling in the gallery, or as a ceiling to prevent collapse.

When the soil was cleaned back from some of the supports in Sub-Units 1 and 3, they appeared to rest either on bedrock or on a hard soil layer. The soil in the interior of what must have been an original gallery was unfortunately almost completely eroded out. Later erosion gullies or channels actually followed the axis of each gallery, which strengthens our belief that we are dealing with in situ mining remains, although possibly of recent mining activity. The pottery from SCY221 consisted of one piece of Archaic/Classical Black Glaze, one sherd of Late Roman Cooking Ware, and one coarse ware sherd of unknown date. Given the highly eroded nature of the area, these could have originated higher up the side of the mine. Two of the mining props had plastic sheeting attached, but a few pieces of timber were extensively replaced by secondary minerals, often a sign of older workings.