SCY220 : Agrokipia Kriadhis 4

Slag Scatters North of Mine

Grid reference: 513240/3878100
Cadastral plan:
SIA: SIA 1 (Agrokipia Kriadhis)

On the north side of Kriadhis mine lie a series of eroded slag scatters, on either side of a modern track. None of them contained any pottery, and all were heavily disturbed by the modern exploitation at Agrokipia Kriadhis. The two main concentrations were SCY220-1a, a hard packed horizontal layer about 50 cm long and 2-3 cm thick, and SCY220-1d, a small packed layer of crushed tap slag about 100 cm long and 30 cm thick, situated on a small ridge. Small scatters of weathered tap-slag were also intermixed with crushed gossan in Sub-Units 2 to 4 in the northern area of the modern mine, on top of the modern spoil-heaps. Sub-Unit 3 was merely a small cavity overgrown with thyme, about 60 cm deep and 50 cm wide.