SCY216 : Agrokipia Kottaphi

Grid reference: 514050/3878750
Survey units: 500-501
Cadastral plan:

Agrokipia Kottaphi was designated a significant lithics site when it was revisited on 12 September during a survey for raw lithic materials. Several lithic density areas were noted along ridges at the top of the mountain, including a complete, backed macro-blade. Because of the high density of lithic debitage, the noted raw materials, and the lack of groundstone, Agrokipia Kottaphi may be a stone tools manufacturing site.

Agrokipia Kottaphi was surveyed as Units 500 and 501 during the 1995 field season. 12 pieces of flaked stones were collected, and appear to be a reasonable sample of the materials found on the site. The site is located at the top of a mountain directly north of the village of Agrokipia, with a 360o view of the surrounding landscapes. It overlooks the site of Agrokipia Paleokamina (SCY102) to the east and Mitsero Kriadhis to the west (SCY012). As such, it lies between two important settlement sites that have an abundance of groundstone and lithic materials as well as pottery and some metallurgical evidence. All three sites have at least one common tool typology, the macro, truncated blade.