SCY210 : Klirou Mavridhes

Modern garbage dump

Grid reference: 518260/3874530
Cadastral plan:
SIA: SIA 9 (Klirou Ayios Mamas)
Survey units: 4508

This POSI was a 20th century garbage dump near Ayios Mamas, investigated by the historical archaeologists. Its general area was approximately 150 x 60 m. The garbage material was unevenly distributed with significant concentrations in many areas. The dumping appears to be terraced and ends downslope in smaller concentrations, the highest concentrations occurring at mid-slope. It appears to be layered, suggesting continuous dumping over a number of years. There is no evidence of very recent material, suggesting that the dumping ceased to take place in the last 5-10 years. Some concentrations are dominated by domestic materials, mainly glass and pottery, but also metal and wood, while others are dominated by building refuse including wood, metal, tile, and asbestos sheeting.