SCY207 : Mitsero Kambos tou Kriadhi 2

Possible fortification wall

Grid reference: 512280/3878400
Cadastral plan:
Survey Units: 4028-4034

This POSI is located in the upper part of a very large Pleistocene landslide mass. The landslide mass makes up most of the northeastern slopes of Kriadhis and smaller landslides are found in similar stratigraphic positions around the northern slopes of Kriadhis and Lambadhousa. The ridge on which SCY207 is located is a piece of the reef limestone that crops out at the crest of Kriadhis but has moved downslope in the landslide mass.

Along the eastern base of this ridge is a large well-constructed wall, varying from 1.0 to 2.0 m thick, and about 70 m long. The two outer skins are made of large uncut limestone blocks (30-60 cm), carefully fitted together. Its highest extant height is 1.5 m, but a considerable amount of material has clearly fallen from it. It makes extensive use of boulders and projecting outcrops of bedrock. There is what seems to be a small rectangular tower in the middle of the wall, though its east and north walls are not substantial. There are traces of another possible wall on the north side of ridge, a limekiln on the western part of the ridge, and another lime kiln (SCY330) on the upper slope of Kriadhis 200 m to the northeast.

The small amount of pottery in there surrounding fields probably just reflects Ottoman and Modern land use. There were a few scraps of very weathered undiagnostic red/brown pottery round the wall.