SCY201 : Klirou Lithinon

Reported Roman Cemetery

Grid reference: 516800/3873500
Cadastral plan:
SIA: SIA 2 (Klirou Manastirka)
Survey units: None

What may have been an ancient cemetery lies on the steep eastern slope of Vournia, 700 m northwest of the church of Panayia tou Lakhni. It was first brought to our attention by villagers from Klirou, who reported that gold and glass bottles had been found in tombs there. This might indicate a cemetery of Roman date. A brief investigation showed that the slope was heavily eroded, and had been bulldozed for roads and agricultural terraces. Only one probable tomb entrance was discovered, a rectangular pit (1.1 x 1.7 m) with a depth of approximately 0.4-0.7 m and containing no pottery.