SCY135 : Politiko Kokkinorotsos 7

Grid reference: 520150/3876050
Cadastral plan:

This POSI was initially classified as an archaeometallurgical site. A second visit was planned to investigate the remains and their dispersal in detail. What had seemed to be slag, however, was very peculiar. The small nodules of c. 5 mm to 2 cm on average did not have any of the expected characteristics. None had gaseous inclusions, nor flow structures, nor a typically layered structure, nor greenish staining of oxidized Cu inclusions. None seemed to be really weathered, although the scatter was located all over the surface. They were all too light and very friable (hitting them with a small rock was enough to powder most of them). They did have a glossy black exterior with a dark grey to blueish black interior. Some larger pieces have surface patches of yellowy ochre-like substances. Overall, these samples do not seem to be slag but rather geological samples such as FeO. At the time Mn was thought of, but now it seems unlikely.

The POSI was situated above the modern road, opposite from a farm and next to deep eroded gullies on the NW and SE sides. It was defined by a chalk outcrop just uphill to the north. This entire surface was therefore divided into 6 subunits for pottery collection, along a N-S and E-W axis, and walked intensively. All pottery was collected and doubles discarded. Some ‘geological’ samples were kept for later study and reference.

On top of a hill to the northwest of the POSI (520000/387150) there were large chunks of the same material, which were obviously geological and not archaeometallurgical.