SCY128 : Agrokipia Mavroyia

Grid reference: 513400/3877200
Cadastral plan:

Agrokipia Mavroyia, though similar in kind to Agrokipia Moutti ton Spitoudhion (SCY124), is more extensive. It is situated on the summit of a hill which forms part of the same ridge, some 200 m to the northwest of Moutti ton Spitoudhion. Three of the clusters are on or near the summit, while another two are farther down the slope to the south. The whole hillside to the south and southwest has an extensive scatter of lithics. The surface was in general very stable, particularly at the top of the ridge, and the intact nature of the clusters makes this POSI of most valuable for its contribution to local lithic technological history.

As a preliminary investigation, the POSI team walked across the entire area at 5 m intervals, flagging all lithics. The three isolated clusters were then examined as individual units, while the other two and the denser scatter near them were examined with a grid of 2 m squares (total of 32 x 8 m). Lithics in the clusters and the grid were counted and examined in situ. The total number of lithics over the entire POSI numbered 476. One complete cluster was collected for analysis in the laboratory, but otherwise the area was left intact for further study. Conclusions are similar as for SCY124.