SCY123 : Politiko Phorades 3

Archaic Settlement

Grid reference: 519410/3874570
Cadastral plan:
SIA: SIA 7 (Politiko Kokkinorotsos)
Survey units: 1625, 1629

SCY123: Map showing wall, outcrops, and density of (1) all pottery and (2) Heavy Utility pottery (storage etc)

SCY123 was first surveyed by ordinary transect. From the large scatter of pottery (and a few tiles and lithics) on the summit of this knoll, 26 sherds were collected in 1995. The concentration of material was limited to the top of the knoll, perhaps because the south and west sides have collapsed or eroded away. Traces of walls were visible on the top of knoll, though much of the stonework seems to have tumbled down the southern slope, perhaps originally robbed or destroyed by human agency. The unexpectedly large boulders on SCY123 are imported diabase, the nearest source for which is the Pedhiaios River Valley.

An intensive 1-m gridded collection of material from SCY123 was carried out in 1997. An initial grid was laid out covering 8 x 8 m on a north/south axis, with a 2-m extension on the eastern edge. During three different phases of collection, 335 sherds were collected. The pottery from this POSI is predominantly Cypro-Archaic to Cypro-Classical with a small amount of possibly late Cypro-Geometric material. SCY123 is the source of most of SIA 7's decorated wares, for example White Painted, Bichrome, Red Slip and Black-on-Red, as well as for most imports, for example Red Slip and Greek Black Glaze. This contrasts with SCY101, where the majority of Plain White wares were found. In addition to the domestic wares at SCY123, three roof tile fragments, two lamps and a single loom weight were found, whilst two basin fragments suggest washing or cooking activities. It may be noted, then, that SCY123 contains not only the greatest amount of Iron Age material within SIA 7, but also represents the widest range of activities: storage; cooking; industrial; possibly serving; and weaving. It is also where we find élite imported materials such as Greek pottery.