SCY121 : Politiko Kokkinorotsos 6

Slag Heap and Geobotany

Grid reference: 518975/3874550
Cadastral plan:
SIA: SIA 7 (Politiko Kokkinorotsos)
Survey unit: 3096

View of section with exposed slag

The slag heap at SCY121 lies over a spur in an elevated position on the ridge line south of the gossan. Much of it was exposed in a road cut, hence the discovery of 22 sherds and five tuyère fragments, dating mainly to the Archaic and Classical periods. The geobotanist examined seven 10 x 10 m quadrats in two transects crossing the slag heap. One transect, over the larger and more northerly part of the slag heap, has a tree canopy of Pinus brutia with an average density of 25% site coverage. Beneath this the vegetation is dominated by Cistus villosus and Pinus scrub.

At the other part of the slag heap, three quadrats, one over the slag deposits and one on the adjoining non-slag substrate, revealed similar vegetation: a Pinus tree canopy (15% density) over a shrub community of Cistus villosus/Fumana procumbens with Thymus capitatus as a sub-dominant. In both cases the sampled vegetation on the non-slag substrate was upslope from the slag. An initial cluster analysis, using both the indicator species and the indicator community levels, merely sorted the sampling units into clusters corresponding to the original transects. However, with PCA, ordination within the clusters separated the sampling units on slag from those off-slag in both groups, when species variables with >2% cover were used.