SCY016 : Politiko Mazovounos

Early Prehistoric site

Grid reference: 522150/3873450
Cadastral plan: XXXIX/10, plot 331 and area to north
Survey Units: 3, 5, 5505
SIA: None
Reference: Knapp et al. 1992: 333; Kingsnorth, in Knapp and Given 1996: 345-346

Possibly Pre-Pottery Neolithic lithics scatter.. The scatter covers c. 50 x 70 m, especially in the upper (east) part of the field, with two main concentrations. The lithics show no clear-cut evidence of retouch, no obvious primary flakes, and no recognisable tools. Many of the flakes are ambiguous, with plough disturbance possible. The ground stone includes grinders, querns, a possible discoidal grinder fragment, and a possible cylindrical hammerstone. There is a sketch map in the SCSP Archive.