SCY015 : Kato Moni Kambia

Early Prehistoric site

Grid reference: 507250/3880700
Cadastral plan: XXIX/36
SIA: None
Reference: Knapp et al. 1992: 332

A track crosses a series of cereal fields, with early prehistoric material in the fields and exposed by the track. The upper field (west of the track; Unit 5502) was covered in dense stubble, and contained some Red Lustrous sherds, a few groundstone artefacts, and hardly any chipped stone. Some sherds and groundstone were still eroding out of the road cut. The lower field (east of the track; Unit 5501) contained a long, narrow scatter along the southern edge of the field. Visibility was excellent, as it had been freshly ploughed. Collected material included Red Lustrous pottery, one Red Ware lattice pattern sherd, and a cylindrical pounder fragment.