SCY013 : Eliophotes Ova

Early Prehistoric site

Grid reference: 509390/3879680
Cadastral plan: XXIX/44
SIA: None
Reference: Knapp et al. 1992:332

Early Prehistoric site on three large alluvial terraces, near the abandoned village of Ayii Eliophotes. Visited and mapped in August 1995. On the highest terrace, there was a large quantity of groundstone, little chipped stone, and hardly any ceramics in evidence (partly because there was still a standing crop). The middle terrace had a somewhat smaller quantity of ground stone, but more chipped stone. The lowest terrace had the same quantity of ground stone as the middle terrace, but with a significant proportion of small, elongated hand grinders ('corndogs'). There were very sherds anywhere, and none with painted decoration. Collected finds included: 1 igneous pestle (intact). 1 chert flake (Upper Terrace), 1 igneous axe (edge-damaged), and 1 chert flake (Lower Terrace). There is a sketch map in the SCSP Archive.