SCY012 : Mitsero Kryadis

Neolithic pottery and lithics

Grid reference: 512800/3878500
Cadastral plan: XXIX/54, plot 14/2/2
SIA: None
Reference: Knapp et al. 1992: 333

On the summit of Kriadhis hill, between Mitsero and Agrokipia, lies a scatter of ground stone, chipped stone and pottery, disturbed by a military trench. There are scattered bushes, and the nearest spring is at the monastery of Ayios Panteleimon, 400 m away. Most of the material is just below the summit of the hill, marked by a trigonometrical point, but more pottery and ground stone was found in a shallow slit trench c. 20-30 m below the summit on the north side. The material dates to the Pottery Neolithic, and includes Red-on-White ware, saddle quern, a discoidal rubbing stone, a pestle and an axehead. There is a little chipped stone, including a blade of Lefkara chert. There is a sketch map in the SCSP Archive.