SCY009 : Politiko Argaki ton Kastron 2

Pottery and slag scatter

Grid reference: 521700/3874300
Cadastral plan: XXXIX/2, plot 67
SIA: None

Politiko Argaki ton Kastron is a scatter of slag and pottery first noted in the 1993 season. A revisit in 1996 found a small scatter of worn slag, plus a few undiagnostic red sherds. No gossan was visible, though there were some pinkish tinges in the highly eroded pillow lavas of the area. Immediately to the south (up the slope) is a level vineyard and a steep hillside, but there was no slag on either. It is unclear how the slag came here; there are no roads or tracks where it might have been used for road metalling. See Politiko Gastres (SCY212) for a nearby POSI with more archaeological features.