SCY002 : Malounda Kharjis

Grid reference: 516080/3877650
Cadastral plan:
Survey Units: 4537-4546
SIA: None

Malounda Kharjis is a series of fields on an alluvial terrace on the western side the Akaki river, just beside the gorge and immediately north of the Malounda-Agrokipia road where it crosses the river west of Malounda. Initial inspection in 1992 and 1993 showed a pottery scatter that seemed unusually dense, so in 1997 we carried out block survey of the area, with 10 survey units.

GIS mapping showed a Pottery Index of about 1000 across the area for the Geometric-Classical periods, and about 500 for the Hellenistic and Roman periods. In general, these levels of density within the survey area imply intensive manuring and cultivation. Densities were rather higher for the Medieval to Modern periods, though only in the southern half of the area which was block surveyed, and ranged from a Pottery Index of 1000 to 4000. This is surprising, as the nearest village (Malounda) is 800 m away across the river and its steep gorge, so these high levels cannot be from dumping on the edges of the village. We may be on the edge of some focus of activity such as an estate.