SCY001 : Aredhiou Koladhes

Grid reference: 519700/3878600
Cadastral plan:
SIA: None

Aredhiou Koladhes consists of a small hillock with a few prehistoric sherds eroding out. It lies just north of the main road between Episkopio and Aredhiou, about 1.75 km east of Aredhiou. The area consists of a broad badlands area, with numerous small eroded hillocks, and extensive shell deposits showing that it was once lake bed. The POSI was initially discovered in 1993, and in 1997 it was described during two brief visits. 23 sherds were counted and 14 collected, mostly from the north end of the flat top of the hillock.

The collected pottery consists of:
1 White Slip body sherd (LCI-II)
1 monochrome body sherd (ProtoBA)
6 LCIII body sherds
3 Archaic Cypriot Red Slip
3 unknown body sherds